Spring Cleaning in Grand Island

There are certain people in Grand Island that don’t require regular cleaning services because they are just naturally tidy people. And while we respect that you have the discipline necessary to keep your home or business at the desired level of clean that keeps you comfortable, we also know that you deserve a break every now and then, particularly when the seasons change and cleaning needs to be deeper than what you normally do. If you agree that you are entitled to take a break from picking up after your family or your staff but still want to reap the benefits of a deep clean when the days get longer and the windows are ready to stay open at all hours of the day, get in touch with Jeremiah & Sons Janitorial.

Jeremiah & Sons Janitorial has been one of the most trusted cleaning companies in the Grand Island area for several years thanks to our reputation for being thorough and getting to those often ignored and hard to reach areas of homes and businesses. We take great pride in helping keep all kinds of homes and business their cleanest on a regular basis, but when we are called in for a one-time spring clean, our goal is to knock your socks off. Hiring Jeremiah & Sons Janitorial for our spring cleaning services means that your home will be so clean, you might not even recognize it.

After a few months of cabin fever, your home or business needs to capitalize on the spirit of rebirth that’s in the air by investing in professional spring cleaning services. There is no better way to start a season than with a fresh home or place of work, so let the pros at Jeremiah & Sons Janitorial ring in the season for you with our patented deep cleans that leave no stone unturned.

Your Home or Business’s Custom Deep Clean

For a deep clean right in time for springtime to be effective, we need to be focused on the little details. From walls to refrigerator shelves, stove grates and the inside of cupboards, there is no area that won’t be dusted, scrubbed and washed until we are absolutely sure there is no dirt or grime hanging around detracting from your home or business’s interior.

Some of the standard tasks of a deep spring cleaning include:

  • Clean kitchen exhaust
  • Scrub grout and soap scum on tiles and shower enclosure
  • Vacuum and sweep closets
  • Clean the inside of your washing machine
  • Dust vents, ceiling fans and light fixtures

How often do you think about cleaning any of these? Probably not often, which is why our spring cleaning services can be such an asset. Of course, there are certain things we may overlook, which is why we encourage you to tell us what your priorities are. If your home or office has certain quirks, an area that gets a lot of use or something you just haven’t been able to bring yourself to clean, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

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For superior cleans to kick off spring, contact Jeremiah & Sons Janitorial today about our professional spring cleaning services.